As part of the MAGICS project (Mass balance of Arctic Glaciers and Ice sheets in relation to the Climate and Sea level changes) a compilation of existing in situ mass-balance observations on Arctic glaciers was made. These data can be found on this site. The data was updated up to 2003. All data can also be found on the website of the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)

Arctic research stations


  • Arktisk Station (69°15'N, 53°34'W) Website
  • Zackenberg Station (74°28'N, 20°33'W) Website


  • Hornsund Station (77°00'N, 15°33'E) Website
  • Ny-Ålesund (78°55'N, 11°56'E) Website

Northern Scandinavia

  • Tarfala (67°55'N, 18°35'E) Website

Mass balance field sites

The data links below include mass balance data up to 2003. For up to date mass balance data of these glaciers, please download the dataset from the WGMS website.


  • Wolverine Glacier (60°24'N, 148°55'W, Wo) Data
  • Gulkana Glacier (63°16'N, 145°25'W, Gu) Data
  • McCall Glacier (69°18'N, 143°50'W, Mc) Website Data

Canadian Arctic

  • Melville S. Ice Cap (75°25'N, 125°10'W, MSI) Data
  • Meighen Ice Cap (79°27'N, 99°08'W, Me) Data
  • Baby Glacier (79°26'N, 90°58'W, Ba) Website Data
  • White Glacier (79°26'N, 90°40'W, Wh) Website Data
  • Devon Ice Cap (75°20'N, 82°30'W, DI) Data
  • Drambuie Glacier (80°00'N, 75°00'W, Dr) Data


  • Kangerlussuaq transect (67°N, 47-50°W, Ka) Website
  • Storstrømmen (77°10'N, 22°30'W, Sts)



Northern Scandinavia

  • Engabreen (67°00'N, 14°00'E, En) Data
  • Storglaciären (67°55'N, 18°35'E, Sg) Data
  • Mârmaglaciären (68°05'N, 18°40'E, Ma) Data

Russian Arctic

  • Obruchev Glacier (67°38'N, 65°48'E, Ob) Data
  • IGAN Glacier (67°37'N, 66°02'E, IG) Data
  • Vavilov Glacier (79°30'N, 94°30'E, Va) Data

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